Coastal Plains Charter High Cuts Ribbon

The Chamber Ambassadors held a ribbon cutting to celebrate Coastal Plains Charter High School’s innovative approach to education.

The school’s Lowndes County location is one of six Coastal Plains Charter High Schools, which provide people with an alternative path to completing their education. Dr. Hankla, Co-site Director of the Lowndes campus, states that the school’s mission is “to take as many young adults who have left their home school and give them a supportive environment to come back to school to complete their high school diploma.”

Courses at Coastal Plains Charter High are mastery-based, meaning that students complete the coursework at their own pace and move on when they have mastered it. This approach eliminates grades and the idea of “failing” a course, reflecting the school’s belief that all students learn in different ways and at different rates.

In 2017, more students graduated from the Lowndes campus than from any other Coastal Plains campus. The Lowndes campus is also the largest of the six locations, enrolling over 200 students who left their public schools without diplomas.

This spring, Coastal Plains Charter High will launch a sponsorship program to raise funds for special programs and events. “We hope everyone will consider supporting this worthy cause,” said Hankla.

Contact the Lowndes location of Coastal Plains Charter High School at 229-316-8590.


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