Alzheimer’s Caregiver Time-Out Cuts Ribbon

VALDOSTA, GA – The Chamber Ambassadors held a ribbon cutting in honor of Alzheimer’s Caregiver Time-Out in celebration of their new permanent location.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Time-Out is an organization that allows the caregivers for Alzheimer or Dementia patients to have a day off from the physical and mental work it takes to care for their clients. “We give the caregivers time to rest and have a life of their own,” Ann Walker-Smith, program director for Alzheimer’s Caregiver Time-Out, said.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Time-Out is the only respite care service that serves a light breakfast and hot lunch to all their clients and volunteers at the facility. They also keep clients busy and entertained with crafts, games, music, and holiday parties.  According to Walker-Smith they have a “warm and loving atmosphere staffed with sincere caregivers.”

They are always looking for volunteers within the community to participate in daily activities, assist in fund raising, or joining as a board member.

Visit Alzheimer’s Caregiver Time-Out today at 1207 Williams St. or contact them by calling 229-245-9094.


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